Success Stories

Head and Neck Pain

Head and neck pain from 2 different car accidents gone after 6 visits!

Brittany’s Story: Chiropractic treatments couldn’t help her head and neck pain from a car accident but Spine PT did!

Dana’s Story: 8 years of chronic headaches and neck pain that massage and chiropractors couldn’t fix.

Addie’s TMJ Headache Relief: Chronic migraines, TMJ pain, and neck pain relief so Addie could return to exercises and studying to become a nurse.

Kathleen, Pat, and Steffenie’s Story: Hear the stories of these three ladies who had severe back and neck pain until coming to Spine PT. Pat shares how her chronic pain from scoliosis was gone after a couple visits.

Upper Back Pain

Upper back/scapular pain gone after first visit.

Back pain gone after 2 visits at Spine PT

Can sitting wrong be preventing your back from healing?

Sleeping correctly DOES help your discs heal.

Most people sleep in ways that keep the discs from healing so their back pain doesn’t ever go away. Hear Oliver’s story.

Kyah’s story: Kyah’s Back pain was holding her back from high level gymnastics. Spine PT saved the day and got her out of pain in one visit before a big competition.

Low Back Pain

Lumbar disc pain gone in less than 6 visits!

Chronic low back pain gone after 3 visits and back to roping cattle.

Spine PT fixed Oliver’s disc pain in less than 6 visits

Natalie’s Story: Chiropractic didn’t help her neck and low back pain. Referred to Spine PT by another physical therapist and was pain free quickly.

Mandee’s Story: Walked into Spine PT for her first visit with a walker. Left her first treatment with almost no pain and was carrying her walker. 100% pain free in 3 visits

Sherilyn and Terrance’s Story: Due to Sherilyn’s severe low back/hip pain, she was barely able to walk using a crutch as she came for her first treatment. She left her first visit with almost no pain and carrying the crutch in her hand.

67 year old with severe back and neck pain and history of multilevel lumbar fusion:

“Spine PT has made a huge difference in my mobility. I am now walking straighter.  My therapist has done a miracle on my back and neck pain. I am so full of hope and energy!  I have spent the last two years basically in bed from my pain. You have changed that and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

-Sharon G., Salt Lake in-home patient