Are you or a family member in too much pain to leave home?

SPINE PT can help!

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is the use of providing healthcare services remotely through phone consultation or video chat. With telehealth, you get the attention you need in the safety and comfort of your home.

How Does Telehealth Work?

Getting started is simple! All you need is a smartphone or a computer with Wi-Fi. You will be sent an invitation before your virtual visit. Just click the invitation and follow the instructions. Your virtual visit will be very similar to an in- person one- except you’ll interact with your therapist through your device. You will still have the same attention and instructions as if you were in the clinic. You’ll also have access to online resources like exercises you can do between visits.

Why Telehealth?

In these difficult and uncertain times, your physical health doesn’t need to suffer. The most important thing about SPINE PT is that it preserves the typical session you are used to, all while keeping you conveniently safe and comfortable in your home. Try it out today and see for yourself how remarkably normal your appointment can be for you!

Telehealth Testimonials

“I hurt my back high jumping last year in track and again this year while doing hurdles.  My mom contacted SPINE PT and  we had a video call with a physical therapist who game me some exercises and stretches.  He watched me doing the exercises to be sure I was doing them right.  After doing his exercises, my back started getting better and better and now I can do everything I could before I hurt my back.  I’m grateful SPINE PT was able to help my back pain and that I am still able to run in track.”

-Easton A., 17 year old track athlete, Sandy Utah, March 2021

“Recently I could feel things building in my back.  Bending over I could just tell I was going to end up throwing out my back soon, having experienced this before. A couple days later, I bent over to get something out of a laundry basket, and as I stood back up it hit me. I immediately put a call in to SPINE PT. The therapist was able to do a Telehealth visit, which was so helpful since I could barely walk to get into the car and go anywhere. He walked me through some exercises, helping me continue through them, pushing myself enough to help without overdoing it and hurting myself further. He was able to accurately figure out what was going on and talk me through some exercises to help get the disc back in place. I can’t say I was completely healed after that first session but I continued to do the exercises as he recommended and after another Telehealth visit I was experiencing significant relief. I can’t recommend Jim Gubler with SPINE PT enough. He is kind, skilled and knowledgeable.”

– Crystal A., Saratoga Springs, April 2021

Let SPINE PT help you on your healing journey.