Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Top athletes have a mindset that drives them beyond normal limits. They are passionate, focused, and don’t have time for injuries.

Athletes sacrifice a large part of their life training and visualizing competitions. This high level of focus is what makes injuries that much more stressful for them. They realize that time unable to train is less time to prepare for competitions.

SPINE PT is committed to getting you back into the game.

Using some of the latest pain-relieving techniques, we are able to help your body heal faster.

Sport Testimonials

“Competing is very important to me. When one little thing is off, it throws off my routine and my confidence levels go down. My mom had always taken me to different people for my back pain and it never really helped. I went in to SPINE PT and after only a few tweaks, I came out pain free. I had a competition the next day and was able to compete without pain. That pain has never come back.”

-Kayha H. – Highschool gymnast

As a mother, you want to do everything for you can to help your child. I didn’t want to put my daughter on pain medications, and I was taking her to a chiropractor and to physical therapy elsewhere and wasn’t really seeing the results I was hoping for. I had heard about SPINE PT and what they offer athletes in particular. The therapist at SPINE PT knows what it means to be a competitive athlete. It was quite remarkable to see such an immediate alleviation of my daughter’s pain.”

-Melanie H.

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