8 Proven Steps To Sitting Pain Free

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Do you know the #1 contributing factor to disc related
back pain? If you guessed sitting, you are right.

Have you ever left your chiropractor or physical
therapist’s office feeling pretty good and then all your
pain returns by the time you get home? Learn how to
sit correctly to help your discs heal and protect them
from constantly bulging.

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2 reviews for 8 Proven Steps To Sitting Pain Free

  1. Crystal Andersen

    I got this book after seeking help for back pain I was having. I wanted to know how to prevent further issues with my back. I not only found further relief from my back pain at the time but found the information so helpful for what to do and what to avoid in the future. The book is a quick read but explains the whys and hows of sitting and how it can affect our spines. I highly recommend this to EVERYONE, whether or not you have suffered from back pain.

  2. Vennessa

    I have never suffered from back pain and then suddenly I was bed ridden because of the simplest movement. I didn’t want to pay to go get an MRI but wasn’t sure of the problem.
    After a PT appointment I was diagnosed with a torn lumbar disc and a few hip issues.
    It was very painful.
    I was very grateful for this book to help find ways to sit more comfortably during the healing process and now ways to sit to help prevent future injuries. I would recommend this book to anyone with disc issues.

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