6 Tips Sitting Pain Free in Your Car

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Cars are some of the worst places we sit and can cause serious disc issues. If you believe sitting straight up is “good posture,” then you most likely have a disc issue. Learn simple strategies to reduce the strain and pressure on your discs so you can finally sit pain free!

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2 reviews for 6 Tips Sitting Pain Free in Your Car

  1. Crystal Andersen

    Soon after I hurt my back, and was able to find relief thanks to Jim Gubler, I had to take a 14 hour trip in the car. Thanks to Jim’s other books and what I had learned from them and from Jim himself, I was worried that sitting in the car that long could really set me back and/or cause more issues with my back. I got this book and thanks to the tips and information in it I was able to travel pain free and haven’t had any issues since. This is a miracle given that I usually have at least some minor pain after traveling. If you are in the car a lot or are going on a trip this book is a must read!

  2. Joseph Bushman

    The knowledge I gained through a few of Jim’s books were very helpful in knowing why my back has been locking up on me. I had no idea how much sitting in my pickup has been damaging my back. I’m still trying to figure out the best way for me to sit, but my pain has been a lot less.

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