Lower Back Pain

Are You Struggling With Lower Back Pain?

There’s A Lot Of Confusion When It Comes To How To Properly Treat Lower Back Pain…

When dealing with lower back pain, it can be hard to know what the right decision is when it comes to reducing the pain. You want to make sure you make the right decision so you don’t accidentally make the pain worse

Some patients have been told by outside sources that lower back pain is a result of living an active lifestyle or that it comes with old age and you should just “learn how to live with it.” 

Despite what you may have been told — this is NOT true. While it’s common for these factors to induce lower back pain, that doesn’t mean the pain is something you need to learn how to adapt to. 

In fact, many people suffer unnecessarily from lower back pain because they’re often told to…

 “Rest” or “take time off” from their sport, exercise, workout classes, and stay off their feet 

Take medication to reduce the pain 

Modify your surroundings — use a chair with back support at work, visit a chiropractor and change your posture, or don’t put any kind of strain on your back no matter what 

Ask your doctor about surgery because it “may be your only real option” for finding long-term relief

The Truth Is…

Resting or taking off won’t help — if anything, it’s prolonging the pain because you’re not addressing the original cause of the problem. 

Becoming reliant on pain medication daily is NEVER a good idea. 

Modifying your surroundings can help reduce the pain somewhat — but it won’t get rid of the root cause. 

Surgery isn’t your only option, despite what you’ve been told. It’s just the only option you may have been given up until this point.

When It Comes To Lower Back Pain…

You need a back pain specialist who listens to your problems, understands your pain, and has the ability to work with you to come up with a real solution instead of giving you false promises and hope. 

Without the proper care for your back, you risk the possibility of making the pain worse or potentially getting injured — neither of which you want. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re making the best choice so you can get back to living the life you desire. 

Here at Spine PT, we promise you rapid pain relief! We will work with you to eliminate the pain and the daily worries you’ve been struggling with. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring you recover properly while treating the root cause of your back pain. Without the proper care, you’re not giving yourself the best treatment possible — and that’s what Spine PT can give you.

You May Be Asking The Question – How is Spine PT Different From Other Physical Therapy Clinics?

While family doctors are wonderful for general issues, you wouldn’t want them to operate on your back.  You want a surgeon who has received extensive training beyond medical school. Why would you go to a general physical therapist (to find out if a clinic is a general physical therapy clinic, all you have to do is look at their website and see all the things they treat – plantar fasciitis, shoulder/elbow/hand pain, hip/knee/ankle pain, etc) for something as important as healing your spine from serious issues?  The sad reality is that most physical therapists don’t receive additional education on the spine other than the basic instruction from physical therapy school.  

Spine PT is NOT like the general physical therapy clinics that often work with 2-3 patients at the same time, set you up with generic back or neck exercises that you do on your own while the therapist is assisting a different patient, and then give you two pages of exercises to do at home for 45 min every day.  We also don’t treat every physical problem in the body – we ONLY treat pain conditions related directly to the spine.

Spine PT WILL give you our undivided attention. Your therapist will spend one-on-one with you for approximately 60 minutes at your visits to not only provide you with relaxing, hands-on manual therapy techniques that will calm your nervous system but will quiet those angry muscles and nerves. We give our patients exercises for their home program that specifically target the root cause of their pain. The best part is that these exercises take our patients an average of 2-3 minutes and they provide needed relief in-between therapy visits. 

 At Spine PT, you can expect to be listened to and receive real professional care and relief from the back pain that’s been interrupting and preventing you from living life to the fullest. 

That’s right. This means no more missing out, modifying your life, or taking time off from doing what you love. 

Spine PT will help you return to your active lifestyle, however that may look for you, without worrying if the pain will come back. We give you the proper care and education to make sure that back pain doesn’t become an issue for you again and again. 

Listening to our patients is a very necessary part of our treatment process, allowing us to get to know you and the pain you’ve been experiencing — because we know that no two patients’ pain is the same. That’s why a personalized treatment plan is crucial to your recovery. 

Soon, you’ll realize what’s important to you is essential to us. 

Don’t waste any more precious time living with back pain. Call us today and let us help you start your healing journey. We’d love to hear from you and start the conversation on how we can help you return to living life the way you desire. 

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