In-Home Treatments

In-Home Treatments

Are you or a family member in too much pain to leave home? SPINE PT can help!

We are mobile and can bring everything we need to treat you in your own home. We bring a portable treatment table, but many patients we’ve treated can’t even move off their bed or couch because of their pain. If so, we can treat you on whatever surface is best for you.

Most patients are surprised that SPINE PT could help them when multiple doctors have told them the only option was surgery or pain medication. While these doctors are well meaning, they do not know ALL the treatment options that exist to help people in pain.

Most patients we have treated in their home are fearful of having the treatment leave them in more pain or being asked by the therapist to do something difficult to do. We’re not sure what our patients were expecting but rest assured; our treatments are surprising gentle. Patients don’t need to do much, other than move into some positions that are best for treatment. We are careful to NOT move patients into any positions we believe will be difficult to move into or painful for the patient.

What Our Patients Have To Say

“I recently had a fall that took me to the ER. I was told nothing was broken but I had a bad disk in my back. I was sent home and was bedridden. I couldn’t stand up or walk for several weeks because of the severe pain in my back and right leg.

My sciatic nerve was being pinched and it was horribly painful! A therapist from SPINE PT came to my home to help me. I started feeling relief with his first treatment, but it took a couple treatments before I was able to start walking comfortably. He taught my daughter how to help me with a couple stretches that brought me a lot of relief. With his help, I was able to get out of bed and now I’m walking and pain free! His expertise is unmatched and his beside manner is beyond measure.

I’m 79 years old and had given up on walking. SPINE PT changed my life!”

– Charlene P, South Jordan Utah

“I received treatment from a therapist from SPINE PT that has been so helpful to me. Recently I had terrible back pain and when the therapist came to my home, he gave me immediate relief. Within days I was out of pain, after suffering for a month. The therapist had me lay on my bed while he helped me with a stretch that took the pressure and pain out of my back. I told him I had been waking up every morning with more pain, so he taught me the best way to sleep and it worked. I woke up with no pain.

I would highly recommend SPINE PT to anyone as the therapists are knowledgeable and can assist in helping patients recover fully. I have appreciated their help so, so much.”

– Jay H. 88 years old, Sandy Utah – April 2021

“I had severe back pain for years and was seeing a pain specialist that said it was from my scoliosis. One day I fell, and my back pain was so bad, I was taken to the hospital. Two doctors had written me off, unable to help me and so I was sent home in severe pain. A therapist from SPINE PT came and examined me. He then explained to me what he was going to do. Having an explanation as to what he was going to do and why made me feel like it was a team effort. It was just a couple times that he came, and we worked on the stretching. I continued to do the stretches after he left. That pain is gone absolutely, completely. My back feels better than it probably should. When someone comes into your home, you want somebody that you trust and that cares about what happens to you. Thank you SPINE PT.”

– Pat M 80 years old, scoliosis – June 2020

“I’m not sure where the pain got started but it gradually got worse and worse. I had that pain so long, I felt hopeless. It was very depressing. The therapist spent about 15 min working on my back and he figured it out and boom! – it quit hurting and hasn’t hurt since. I don’t know what I was expecting from the therapist, I guess I was thinking he was going to put me through the paces, but he was so gentle and so calm”.

-Kathleen M. 74 years old, Acute back pain – May 2020

“I was having electrical type pain in my shoulder/neck. When the therapist from SPINE PT came, I thought, “what’s he going to be able to do because no one else has been able to do anything.” I was amazed at how gentle and yet effective the treatment was because even though I’ve had to have some repeat visits, its been less painful overall. When someone comes into your home and takes away some of that hurt, it’s a blessing.”

-Steffannie H. 61 years old, chronic neck/shoulder pain – April 2020

“Spine PT came to our home to treat my husband’s severe back pain.  My husband has had physical therapy many times and has been to many doctors and nothing has ever really helped.  When the therapist came, he right away knew what was wrong and provided treatments with my husband lying on his left side in our bed.  My husband just lay there while the therapist provided a gentle stretch.  My husband said it took away the pressure and pain in his back and leg.  He has steadily improved with each treatment.

I was so impressed with what the therapist was doing for my husband, the next time the therapist from SPINE PT came to our home, I decided to ask if he could help me too.   I’ve struggled with severe back pain as well and have been having a hard time sleeping.   My doctor recently told me it was a bulging disc.  Even though the therapist was there to treat my husband, he was happy to help me too.  He asked me a few questions about my pain and then advised me to sleep in a certain position.  It worked! That sleeping position decreased the pain in the outside of my left leg so I could finally sleep without pain.  I Woke up without any pain.  It has been a 0/10 all day!!  It’s a miracle!!!  I highly recommend SPINE PT.  They know the spine and how to help people!” 

-Shaunna P, Sandy Utah