We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is essential for our overall well-being, but it can be hard to fit it into your already busy lifestyle. With work, family, and other commitments taking up so much of our time, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to focus on our health. However, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re still taking care of yourself even when life gets hectic. 

Prioritize Your Health

The first step in fitting a healthy lifestyle into your day is to prioritize your health. This means making time for exercise, eating nutritious meals, and getting enough sleep (7-9 hours a night). It’s important to remember that these activities should be seen as just as important as any other task on your list. If you don’t make time for them, you won’t be able to stay healthy and productive in the long run. 

Plan Ahead

One way to fit a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule is by making it convenient for you. To do this, plan ahead your day the night before so you already know what to expect. You can prioritize your time as needed while making sure you’re staying healthy as you do so. Take some time each week or month to plan out what meals you’ll eat and when you’ll exercise. This will help ensure that you have the time and energy for these activities without having to sacrifice anything else on your schedule. You can also use this planning period to set aside specific times for relaxation and self-care activities (which is just as important when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle) like reading or taking a bath. 

Make Small Changes 

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, small changes can make all the difference over time. Instead of trying to overhaul your entire routine overnight (which could result in stressing you out), start with small changes that are easy to implement and maintain over the long term. For example, if you don’t have time for an hour-long workout every day, try doing shorter workouts throughout the week or adding more movement into your daily routine (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and parking away from the entrances of stores.) 

Take Time for Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to take some time for yourself each day! Even if it’s just 10 minutes before bed or during lunch break at work, carve out some “me-time” where you can relax and recharge without feeling guilty about it. Ways to spend time on yourself is reading a book, taking a walk, listening to your favorite podcast, meditating, or however you like to spend your time! Doing so will help ensure that you have enough energy left over at the end of the day for all of your other commitments and responsibilities. 

My Wake up Call to Take Better Care of Myself

I love meditation and wish everyone knew how to use this powerful practice. Many years ago, I tried to get into meditation but found it was just a waste of my time. I would sit down and try to clear my mind with no success. My mind would jump to all the things I should be doing instead of sitting and doing nothing, so I gave up. About 6 years ago, I had a wakeup call when a serious autoimmune disease hit me out of the blue. I spent 2 years trying to “fix” the problem and tried everything from more exercise, eating ultra healthy and avoiding sugar, spending hundreds of dollars on the best vitamins and nutrients, and going to multiple doctors to find answers. Nothing helped and my symptoms only got worse. I stumbled upon a YouTube video by Dr Joe Dispenza who basically said that we are creating our own diseases from our high levels of stress and anxiety. If I had heard this message right after my symptoms started, I would have denied that my stress had anything to do with my current symptoms but after 2 very frustrating years trying EVERYTHING I could think of with my symptoms only worsening, his words really resonated with me.

What I like about Dr Dispenza’s work is that it is all based on well documented science and research. He showed me so much evidence and proof that I could no longer deny that my stress and anxiety WAS the cause of my symptoms. I began meditating like he instructed and found it incredibly hard to quiet my mind like when I had tried it many years before, but this time, I had a reason to learn how to meditate so I stuck with it. Using various tricks I learned from Dr Dispenza, I found that it was starting to get easier the more I practiced. Soon I started having some powerful meditations that filled me with joy and love and started to overpower the anxiety and stress in my life. About 4 months into my new meditation practice, I had a life transforming experience that has forever changed who I am as a person. I experienced a rush of energy enter my body and fill me with the most intense love and light. It is hard to describe the intensity of this experience but in that moment, I knew my disease was gone.

It has been 4 years ago since this experience and my disease has never returned. If you would like to learn more of the specific details of this experience, you can hear me share my experience: https://youtu.be/IJn5mBbd3Y8

Caring for ourselves- mind and body, should be one of our top priorities in life. If we aren’t in a good place physically or mentally, how can we help our families and friends? Whether you are religious or not, some of the great spiritual leaders of the world have shared some profound insights to human nature and our happiness. One statement that Jesus made has often been misunderstood. In answering the questions as to what the greatest commandment is, Jesus said it was to Love God. The second commandment was “like unto the first,” and that is to “love our neighbour as thyself.” Most people focus on loving our neighbor – which is very important, but they fail to acknowledge the full equation. This is like a math equation. Love God = Love neighbor = Love ourselves. ALL three are of equal weight and importance but so many of us fail to give ourselves the love that we so generously give to God and our neighbors. Taking time to care for yourself will not only help you. It will help your family and friends and your community.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be an impossible task even when life gets busy! With some careful planning, prioritizing, and small changes here and there, you can easily fit healthy habits into your daily routine without sacrificing anything else on your schedule. It may take some time to really nail down the perfect routine best fit for you, which is perfectly fine! So don’t wait any longer – start prioritizing your health today and see how your life changes for the better!  If you would like some additional guidance, please speak to one of your therapists at Spine PT and he/she would be happy to assist you in customizing a simple plan you can begin to follow.