Corporate Trainings

Corporate Trainings

Spine PT offers multiple services for businesses. Click on each section to learn how we can help your business to thrive with employees that are happy to come to work. Employees that sit comfortably at their workstation are significantly more productive and happier with their job. This means employers have less turnover.

Employee Trainings

SPINE PT can come to your facility and train your employees on strategies that will help them sit more comfortably and protect their backs from the strain of sitting all day.

The Lecture Will Review:

1. Basic anatomy of the spine and discs. It’s much harder to protect the discs in your back if you don’t have a basic understanding of how they work.

2. Several good sitting postures employees can use at their desk. There is not one perfect posture someone can sit in all day to do their job. The research shows that changing between several good postures that protect the discs is the best way to protect backs from the strain of sitting all day.

3. Additional exercises and strategies that have been shown to reduce back strain during the workday.

The lecture is 30 minutes and will be followed by a 15 min question and answer session. It is recommended that class sizes be limited to 30 employees to keep the group small enough to ask questions.

Employee Ergonomic Assessments and Seating Modifications.

Employers often believe that purchasing good ergonomic chairs for their employees is doing their part to help employees sit correctly and be comfortable while doing their job. While this is a good first step, very few employees know how to correctly adjust the ergonomic chair to their body type. Sitting correctly is multifaceted and is more complicated than just using a certain chair. Often, an ergonomic chair that is not adjusted to fit your body type can actually cause someone to develop back pain faster than sitting on a normal straight back chair.

Several years ago a large, rapidly growing company had SPINE PT come and teach a class on sitting correctly and evaluate the workstations of any employee that was having back pain doing their job. This company had invested in good ergonomic chairs and had other options the employees could sit on, so they were not anticipating having many employees sign up to come to the training. They thought maybe 10 to 15 employees would register to come to the class, but were shocked when a couple hundred signed up for the training.

After the training, individual work sites were evaluated and adjusted. The employees were amazed at how a few adjustments to the chair, followed by some corrections with wrist angles and monitor positioning helped them feel so much less strain throughout their bodies.

Ergonomic chairs are not much different than prescription eyeglasses. Imagine an optometrist giving out the same prescription and expecting the glasses to work for everyone. In the same way, when you get the correct sitting prescription for your body, you can relax and “focus” on your job.

Adjusting Ergonomic Chairs is Not as Easy as You Might Think

When you change just one aspect of how you sit, it can affect the forces acting on other parts of your body. Something as simple as raising the height of the chair can cause increased flexion of the wrists to cause carpal tunnel or put the computer monitor at the wrong height and cause neck or upper back strain.

Someone trained in proper body mechanics can make sure all major joints in the body are being protected, not just the back. Headaches, carpal tunnel, upper back and neck pain can all result from having a chair set incorrectly. It is much easier to prevent than treat issues after they become a problem.

While most people respond to postures designed to protect discs, some people have other back conditions such as stenosis or a spondylolisthesis which require different strategies to sit in a way that is best for them.

Common Questions from Employees and Employers

The most common questions I get are:

1. Should I sit on a therapy ball?

2. Are workstation treadmills a good idea?

3. Should employees have ergonomic chairs?

Find out my responses by downloading a copy of my book:

Sitting on a Ball, Workstation Treadmills, Ergonomic Chairs

Standing Workstations

The ability to stand and do your job has been shown to have some great benefits for people with back issues but standing all day isn’t a good idea either. There are many different kinds of standing workstations on the market today. Which is the best? Are they appropriate for everyone? What is the best way to use a standing workstation and what should you be careful of to keep from making your back worse?

SPINE PT would love to meet with you to address all these issues and come up with the best solutions before you invest a lot of money into expensive equipment that might not fix the problem you are trying to solve.

One company that purchased standing workstations on their own found their employees were still having back pain and wanted to see if SPINE PT could help. The equipment was good quality but there were various reasons these stations weren’t a good fit for the employees. The height of the employee/desk, the height range of the work station, the configuration of the desk, the amount of space the employee had in the office, and employee’s job duties are just a few factors that needed to be addressed.

If you don’t feel you need a formal evaluation of your workstation but would like some guidance, pick up a copy of my  book 8 Proven Steps to Sitting Pain Free, where I answer these questions in section 6.

Download a copy of my book:

8 Proven Steps to Sitting Pain Free

Employee’s Perspective to Consider

What SPINE PT has discovered over years of working with different organizations is that employees tend to be predictable. They want to be a good employee and do their job without complaining or as they view it, “causing problems.”

Many employees have back issues before starting their job and feel like their back pain is their own problem to deal with. Some employees are not comfortable telling their supervisor they are having trouble sitting and worry it may affect their employment if they can’t do their job. Some just don’t like to draw attention to themselves. Whatever the reason, most employees don’t tell their employer they are in pain and just suffer in silence. If an employee can’t get comfortable while doing their job, productivity decreases and job satisfaction declines. These issues lead to higher employee turnover rates.

Insurance discounts for employers who offer preventative injury management protocols and employee wellness programs.

Some insurance companies offer discounts to employers that have established injury prevention strategies, wellness programs, or educational programs.

SPINE PT can help you establish trainings and programs that will help your employees be happier and more productive, while at the same time potentially lowering your insurance premiums.

No time to come to the clinic?
We can come to your office.

When you just can’t find the time to come in the clinic and take care of your back or neck issues, we can bring a treatment table and treat you in the comfort of your own office. You will receive the exact same treatment as if you were at our clinic. (travel fee applies)

SPINE PT doesn’t use things like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or heat that many therapy and chiropractic clinics use, because the data shows they have no meaningful benefit to help you heal. This means it is just a waste of your time.

Our skills are in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, which specifically target the injured tissues/joints by creating an environment that reduces pain and encourages healing. Rapid pain relief is what we strive for.

One popular treatment the therapist may use during your in-office treatment is Kinesiotape. This is a special stretchy tape that many athletes use to help them perform better. The tape is applied directly to the skin to help provide additional relief of pain support for the muscles. The tape is left on for 2-3 days.


“I’m a busy mom of three young boys and work full time. For me, I just couldn’t squeeze one more appointment in my schedule if it meant traveling to the appointment. Being treated in my own office has made it possible to get the care I needed on my back. The treatments in my office have been professional and very instructive. “

-Mary Ann G, Synergy Financial Advisors

Call (801) 709-4772 to schedule your appointment or inquire about pricing.

Employee Appreciation Treatments

Spoil your employees with something that will help them be happy and increase productivity.

Schedule SPINE PT to come to your business monthly or even weekly to provide rapid pain relief for your employees while at work. You will need to provide a semiprivate space for our therapist who will bring a treatment table and other items needed for treatment. Employees are scheduled for a quick 15- minute treatment that targets key muscles that hold tension. Employees remain fully dressed so they can immediately return to work refreshed and relaxed.

Treatment sessions must be booked for either a 4- or 8-hour session.

4 hours (treatment max of 16 employees): $599
8 hour (treatment max of 32 employees): $960

NOTE: It is up to each employee to remember their scheduled time and show up on time.


“During the past few months, SPINE PT provided our employees with specialized training, and individual spine assessments and recommendations. They bring a wide knowledge base of workplace injury prevention. We used this expertise to help us create ergonomic best practices for our 300+ employees. They also gave posture/injury prevention training and personal assessments to employees who had never been taught how to sit properly and the root cause of so many back problems.

The training and individual attention provided has been an invaluable tool for us a growing company. We believe that these trainings have built morale, helped us keep our employees health, and mitigated our company risk with regards to workers compensation.

Please consider SPINE PT services for all your ergonomic consulting needs. Younique recommends them and look forward to working with them again.”

-Jenny Kallen, Sr. HR Manager, Younique Products

“I am thrilled to be able to provide a recommendation for SPINE PT. My company brought them onsite to provide special ergonomic assessments of our seating and work areas. They taught us several different good postures that we could switch from so we didn’t need to sit only one way all day. I was impressed with the knowledge of what is causing pain and how they helped me and my coworkers. Even more impressive was the customer service! Their level of customer services goes well beyond what anyone could expect. I recommend their services 100% to anyone wanting to sit with less pain. If you own a company and want to improve overall health and wellbeing for your employees, give SPINE PT a call. You will NOT regret it. “

– Sherilyn Laddimore, Defend Innocence, Lehi Utah