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Physical Therapy For The Spine

SPINE PT Only Treats

The Spine

SPINE PT is a specialized physical therapy clinic that focuses almost exclusively on the spine.  Some exceptions can be made for patients who have multiple injuries that need to be treated at the same time – such as someone who has been in a car accident. 

SPINE PT does not see patients for rehab after a total hip, knee, ACL replacement, or other general surgeries not related to the spine.

Experience Matters

All physical therapists can treat the spine but only a small percentage have agressively pursued post graduate continuing education on the spine.  Find out why SPINE PT is different.

“My experience with SPINE PT was wonderful.  Before my first visit I could not move from pain.  After the procedure, I was pain free!”

-Cindy D.

Personalized Care

  • Thorough evaluation of your condition
  • Customized care plan for your unique symptoms
  • 45-60 minute, One-on-One, treatments with a physical therapist specialized in the spine
  • Gentle, non-invasive manual therapy treatments

Free Phone Consultation

Wondering if SPINE PT can help with your condition?  Schedule a free 20 min phone call to discuss your symptoms.

“Too Many People Are Opting For Expensive Surgery When All They Need Is Physical Therapy”

-Dr. Michael Shannon MD, Neurosurgeon

Get Help From a Trained Professional

Jim Gubler, MS, PT

Degrees from:

University of Utah 1997
University of the Pacific 1999

Jim has been a physical therapist for 21 years and opened his first clinic in 2001 in Ohio.  He has done consulting work for large corporations such as Scotts Fertilizer, The Longaberger Company, Zandex, Major Drilling, Rocky Mountain Power, and Younique.  His whole career has focused on finding the best treatments for the spine.  He has written multiple books on treatment and prevention of back related pain.  He has also created a 9 video series to address the many concerns with disc related back pain.

His passion for understanding the spine began 10 years before entering physical therapy school due to a sports injury that caused him years of debilitating back pain.

Having discovered the source of his back pain, his quest turned to alleviating the pain of others.